• Online registration deadline: 10 days before Election Day
  • Register by mail deadline: Must be postmarked 10 days before Election Day
  • In-person registration deadline: 10 days before Election Day

You can confirm your voter registration status on Massachusetts’s election website .

You can download the National Voter Registration Form from here.

•Driver’s license
•State ID card
•Recent utility bill
•Rent receipt or lease
•Copy of a voter registration affidavit
•Letter from a school dormitory or housing office
•Any other printed identification containing your name and address

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•No-excuse early voting by mail available for state elections, primaries, and most local elections
•Vote by Mail ballots can be requested using a Vote by Mail Application
•Applications can be submitted online, by mail, by email, or fax
•Application deadlines: 5 p.m. on the 5th business day before the election
•Ballots can be returned by mail, hand-delivered, dropped off at early voting locations, or placed in ballot drop boxes
•Ballots must reach the local election office or drop box by the close of polls on Election Day to be counted
•In-person voting is still an option if the ballot is not returned, rejected, or hasn’t reached the election office
•Local elections may opt out of no-excuse early voting by mail
•Absentee ballots are available for those who qualify, including military and overseas voters
•Accessible Vote by Mail system available for voters with disabilities

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