about us

Our story

MyBallot.Info is a non-partisan, impartial platform dedicated to providing easy, accessible, one-stop voter information for U.S. voters. MyBallot.Info started as a class project at Bennington College, founded by Abraar Arpon. We are immensely grateful to Susan Sgorbati, Director of CAPA at Bennington College, and Judith Enck, Senior Fellow and Visiting Faculty member Bennington College. Their support and guidance were instrumental in bringing this project to life.

our Founder

Abraar Arpon is a student at Bennington College majoring in Computer Science and Environmental Action. He serves as a House Chair, Student Council Member, and Student Education Policy Committee representative for the Science and Math discipline at Bennington College. Abraar also founded AudioCane.com, an award-winning platform enhancing learning accessibility for visually impaired students.

our Mission

At My Ballot.Info, we do not support or affiliate with any political party. Our sole purpose is to ensure that democracy flourishes by empowering voters with reliable information.If you find our services helpful, please consider supporting our founder by buying him a coffee from here.

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